The latest edition of Leisure Leagues Diplomatic league kicked off this past week, with people from 17 nations taking part in the thrilling action.

The six teams are taking part in the games at Total Football, Chak Shahzad in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The first round of games saw three matches taking place – with some thrilling matches with well over 20 goals being scored.

The matches are organised by Leisure Leaguers PK, who are famed for their commitment to inclusion and belief that football should be for all to enjoy.



The six teams are from:

1.Brazil United




5.Saudia Arab

6.Arab Tent

But that doesn’t tell the full story, as counties from as far apart as Pakistan, Sweden, Somalia, USA and Romania are amongst the nations represented in the fourth staging of the event.

Leisure Leagues Andy Thorley praised the idea and said: “this is just another in a long line of events that the Trunkwala family and World Group have put on in the country that bring forward social inclusion. Leisure Leagues is proud to be at the heart of communities all over the world.”


*Match 1*

Team Kazakistan (3)

  1. a) 2 Ghaziz
  2. b) Ali Sher

German Embassy (6)

  1. a) 2 Marco
  2. b) S Marko
  3. c) 3 Haseeb

*Match 2*

Brazil Team (4)

  1. a) 4 Mubasher

Arab Team (1)

  1. a) 1 Amin

*Match 3*

Saudi Team (8)

  1. a) 1 Sajjad
  2. b) 1 Abdullah
  3. c) 1 Nohar
  4. d) 2 Sultan
  5. e) 2 Abdul Rahman
  6. f) 1 Woel

European Union (1)

  1. a) 1 Alberto