Leisure Leagues are the world’s largest provider of 5 and 6-a-side football leagues. Having expanded their international presence across the UK,  Ireland, America and Pakistan, Leisure Leagues are the driving force behind the establishment of ISF and seek to align with similar businesses from across the world who will become ISF members in their own countries and gain the right to participate in global tournaments and to influence the global small-sided football market.

World Group is over a century old, with offices in Pakistan, UAE, KSA and UK.

Major business sectors with significant experience across real estate, education and international trading, as well as football, golf and hotels.

The first World Cup in Lisbon was played in the Trunkwala Stadium named after the family that owns World Group and Shahzeb Mehmood Trunkwala was elected as the first ISF Honourary Vice President.

Groupcomms are the official providers of referee communication systems to the ISF. Groupcomms is a family business and specialises in providing clever products that allow groups to communicate effectively.

They have a strong technical background and have been involved in AV design, product manufacture and production for many years.They offered tour guide system products to our clients and were being asked for more specific products including duplex communications products. After this, they decided to setup Groupcomms to better serve customers specifically looking for communications products.

Spintso is world leading with smart and mobile solutions for referees in many different sports. Their products are used in many of the top leagues around the world, for example in football, handball, ice hockey, floorball and American football. They give the referees modern and smart products that allow them to focus on the right things both before, during and after the match. Their products are developed by referees for referees.

Limit is a British company supplying watches to the UK since 1912. And they are the official providers of timepieces to the ISF. Their  watches are designed to offer quality and value, this has ensured success for over 100 years. Today all Limit watches use a Japanese high precision quartz movement to achieve total accuracy and carry a 2 year guarantee.As far back as the early 1920’s they boasted its own successful staff cricket team competing in local leagues in Lancashire and Yorkshire

Polytan provide our pitches at flagship events.They ensure the perfect surface for athletic achievements, and have been doing so for almost 50 years. What in 1969 started as a pioneering task in the area of synthetic running tracks has to the present day remained a passion. Polytan is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synthetic sports surfaces: from running tracks to all-weather and soft-impact surfaces.