Ref Support are the world’s first dedicated Referees charity who aim to increase the level of support available for referees through initiatives such as online training programmes, a Referee support hotline for reports of referee abuse and the creation of a pioneering bodycam app which can be used to deter instances of violence on the pitch, as well as capturing footage which can be used for training purposes.

Ref Support are a completely independent body, allowing them to concentrate solely on the interests of referees and their development.

Leisure Leagues are the world’s largest provider of 5 and 6-a-side football leagues. Having expanded their international presence across the UK,  Ireland, America and Pakistan, Leisure Leagues are the driving force behind the establishment of ISF and seek to align with similar businesses from across the world who will become ISF members in their own countries and gain the right to participate in global tournaments and to influence the global small-sided football market.