Ireland Learning As They Go

In the midst of the action-packed 6-a-Side World Cup in Essen, Ireland Team Director Tomasz Szindler has shared his reflections on the tournament so far. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Szindler expressed his satisfaction and optimism, emphasising the importance of the event for his young team.

Describing the World Cup as a “great experience,” Szindler spoke of his familiarity with such competitions, stating, “This is another tournament for me, marking my fourth World Cup appearance, in addition to one Euro Cup.”

One of the standout aspects of the World Cup for Szindler was the vibrant international crowd that filled the stands. He expressed his delight, exclaiming, “We had a lot of nationalities in the stands, which is amazing.”

From the perspective of the Irish team’s head, Szindler highlighted the youthfulness of his squad. “We have one of the youngest teams, with an average age below 24,” he proudly shared. Recognizing the significance of this experience for his players, he emphasised its value as a stepping stone towards future success. Szindler firmly believed that the lessons learned during the World Cup would play a pivotal role in shaping their journey.

Looking ahead to the team’s crucial match against Scotland tomorrow, Szindler remained optimistic about their chances of advancing from the group stage. “All we have to do is win against our friends from Scotland, which is not impossible,” he asserted. Despite facing defeats against Morocco and Georgia in previous matches, the team’s resolve remained strong as they prepared for the upcoming clash.

In addition to his positive reflections on the competition, Szindler couldn’t help but emphasize the vibrant atmosphere surrounding the matches. “The atmosphere is superb,” he exclaimed, acknowledging the electrifying energy generated by enthusiastic fans and passionate supporters. The collective cheers, chants, and roars of encouragement created an unforgettable ambiance that heightened the intensity of the games.

While Szindler appreciated the enthralling atmosphere, he also marvelled at the extraordinary weather conditions that graced the tournament, “The weather is like in Spain,” he said.

And the football has been just as bright.

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