With the hours counting down to the Socca World cup – kicking off in Rethymno this Saturday – we are thrilled, excited and proud to reveal the official 2019 tournament song.

Onirama – who’s 2008 album “Clepsydra” went gold in their homeland –  have put the pursuit of Gold Discs to one side for a little while to worry about World Class goals instead.

Joining them on the anthemic “Fiesta”, spinning the decks on the beach that will provide a home to the stadium when the action gets underway, is former France International striker and Socca Ambassador, Djibril Cisse.

Onirama, a pop rock band that has had a number of hits in Greece, might be best  known for their wide range of music, and party-like concerts, playing stadiums in Athens in support to Lenny Kravitz  and other music royalty – but for the next 10 days, they are going be synonymous with 6 a side football.

Cisse, who played 41 times for his country and appeared in two world cups, in 2006 and 2010, admitted he couldn’t wait for the world cup to start: “Socca is the football of real people” he told us.

Now, together with one of the biggest groups in Greece, he is bang on target again, as the uplifting, summer tinged strains of “Fiesta” will provide the perfect accompaniment to the eight days of world class action.

The World Cup 2019 gets underway at midday on Saturday, when Latvia take on Egypt, and all matches will be seen live on