Women’s World Cup Plan Revealed

During the recently concluded Socca World Cup 2023 held in Essen, Germany, an important announcement emerged from the Executive Committee, one that will elevate women’s 6-a-side football on a global level.

Recognising the growing interest and importance of women’s football, the committee agreed on a strategic plan to organise a Women’s World Cup in the near future. This decision marks a significant step forward in promoting gender equality and empowering women both on and off the field.


All board members from around the world expressed their enthusiasm for this groundbreaking initiative after a meeting in Essen. Thanos Papadopoulos, CEO of the Socca Federation, shared his thoughts on the importance of expanding the Socca World Cup to include a Women’s Competition: “Women’s football has been growing rapidly worldwide, and it’s essential to provide equal opportunities for female athletes to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. By organising a Women’s World Cup, we will be able to further promote gender equality within the sport and inspire more women to participate in football.”


Christoph Koechy, Head of Socca Europe, emphasised the organisation’s commitment to promoting women’s football: “We have witnessed tremendous progress in women’s football in recent years. Our decision to organise a Women’s Cup reflects our dedication to fostering inclusivity and empowering female athletes. We aim to create a platform that celebrates the talent and achievements of women in the beautiful game.”


Brigitte Vogt, representing Westenergie, a key sponsor of the Socca World Cup and the first-ever Westenergie Women’s Cup, expressed her support for women’s recognition and empowerment: “As a proud sponsor of the Socca World Cup, we believe in the power of sports to inspire and drive positive change. It’s crucial that we not only promote women’s participation on the field but also empower them in all aspects of life. The Women’s Cup will provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase the incredible talent and resilience of female footballers.”


The agreement reached by the Socca World Cup 2023 Executive Committee to organise a Women’s Cup marks a significant milestone for women’s football. With the support of CEO Thanos Papadopoulos, Head of Socca Europe Christoph Koechy, and sponsor Brigitte Vogt from Westenergie, this initiative aims to create a platform that celebrates the talent and achievements of female footballers.


The Women’s Cup will not only promote gender equality within the sport but also empower women both on and off the field. By providing equal opportunities and recognition, it will inspire future generations and foster a more inclusive football community. As plans for the Women’s Cup take shape, anticipation grows for this exciting addition to the world of international football.