An all new England team will arrive in Poland for the Four Nations tournament in Wrocslaw next week.

UK Socca have decided to relieve Arjun Jung and Henry Muggeridge from their positions as Joint Managers of the England team following desperately disappointing performances in Germany last year.


A UK Socca spokesman said, “Let’s be honest, the performance of the England team in Germany last year was the worst performance of any England team in the 6aside World Cup in 10 years, and the players and tactics were sub standard. We just couldn’t continue as we were”.


“Understandably Arjun and Henry were extremely disappointed and asked to stay on, and in truth, they have always conducted themselves well off the field, but we explained that we wanted to try something new, and in the end, although disappointed, they were very gracious about it. They both explained that there is nowhere else that gives them the opportunities they have had with the ISF, and were thankful for the chance to represent the official England 6aside team on the biggest stages in 6aside world football”


Arjun said” Although we are sad to be leaving the roles, we understand why this decision has been taken and we are grateful for the chance we have had to play in the best 6aside events in the world. We know that no other organisation offers what ISF and Socca offer in terms of brilliant stadiums with full crowds every day like we had in Germany, or amazing locations like Cancun in Mexico recently, and anywhere else we may go we know will be a distant second best”.


A UK Socca spokesman said” We are investing over £100,000 annually in the England team from 2024 onwards to make sure that all trips, like the Poland one coming up, are completely paid for by us so the players get their travel, accommodation, transfers, kits, training wear and even all food completely free, and with events planned in Moldova, Georgia, Crete and Oman in 2024 alone, plus going back to Cancun next February, it is a heavy schedule of playing for the team”.