Catch up with our new CEO

Following his recent appointment to the position of CEO, ISF caught up with Thanos Papadopoulos to find out more about how he is progressing in his new role and his thoughts for the future of the ISF.

Mr Papadopoulos stated “I have held several positions in the past that require both discipline and creativity so, this is not something new to me. What really excites me though in this new start is the professionalism of our members and of all my colleagues here in ISF and the absolutely cool way they see their roles. Being in a such environment with people who love what they do, just makes your work easier.”

First big challenge for us is to make real progress in the preparation of the 2 big events that we will host this year: Socca World Cup and Socca Champions League. I am talking about the coordination of the participating teams, the production of the events, the institutional relations with the local authorities, the human resources, the marketing of the events and so on. It will be an exciting kickoff season”.

More information will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks in regards to the details for this years competitions.