We have been delighted to welcome Columbia as one of our most recent members.

Their delegation came to the recent ISF Conference, playing a vital part in the discussions, and as we found when we sat down to to discuss all things Socca with their delegation, there are plenty of plans in full swing!

Tell us a little about your socca journey so far?
It has been a wonderful thing, sport is a factor of changes and positive impacts for people and having the possibility of providing amateur players with the tools to live an unforgettable experience is something very rewarding. Our work has been expanding in a short time, to the point of having today more than 10 thousand people in our social networks, this speaks of the impact generated by a sport as attractive as socca.

We are happy to belong to the ISF crew and we are sure that there will be many and very good trips working together.

You were at the recent ISF conference, what were your impressions of the organization?
It was a sensational encounter, to be able to know more about the components of ISF, its structure, its plans for the future, to know the members of the other countries. These are details that provide security for the consolidation of this great sport.

You must be looking forward to going to the World Cup?
We are waiting for October 12, Colombia will be in the world cup, we have been preparing to face this tournament in the best way.
We are proud to represent our country in this important event, we want the first presentation of Colombia in the Socca World Cup to be unforgettable.

You had a big game last Thursday, I believe?
On Thursday we had our third match of preparation, we have won 3 matches, it is a very good feeling with respect to the time we have and what we have left, we know that we still have to improve many things, but we are sure that we will reach the World Cup with the best level.

The players chosen for the World Cup will make their mark and everyone will see our flag raised!

Lastly, we all know of the South American tradition in football – English people still talk about the “Scorpion Kick” for example, and we all know Carlos Valderama and Asprilla and other great Colombian talent, do you play 6 a side with the same flair?
Colombia is a country of a very strong football tradition, to the aforementioned Valderrama, Higuita, Asprilla, nowadays world-class players like Falcao or James Rodriguez are added. The quality we have is very good and very broad, we are sure that the team that will represent us in Greece, will captivate the world with its game.