We live in unprecedented times.

The whole world is in the grip of a virus which has paused normal life as we know it in just about every country on earth, and the socca family is just as affected.

Whilst we know with every other worry that is going on at the moment it might seem that 6 a side football is low down the list of priorities, there will be a time when we are over this crisis.

And when that time comes, we will all need football like never before.

We know of the healing powers of the sport, its abilities to bring people together, and when this time of bleakness is at an end, then it will do so again.

The Coronavirus Outbreak has already forced the cancellation of the ISF Spring Conference in Birmingham next week –  a move we took to safeguard our members in light of guidelines from the UK Government at the beginning of March.

It has also forced us to put on hold plans to announce the venue for the World Cup, but rest assured, as soon as Covid-19 is beaten, then we will press ahead.

We will be updating members regularly with news, but we would like to express our sincere wishes that each and every one of you and your families stays safe throughout this.

The Socca Family will get bigger and stronger, and after Covid-19, socca will again thrive, so let’s all pull together to ensure the very best outcome for everyone.