Friday Night Under The Lights

Friday night under the lights in Essen was truly unforgettable, as Croatia pulled off a stunning upset by knocking out the host nation, sending shockwaves through the tournament. The atmosphere was electric, with fans on the edge of their seats, witnessing a thrilling match.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Kennedyplayz, thousands of fans were left disappointed and locked out of the stadium as the round kicked off. Reigning champions Brazil showcased their dominance, defeating twice runners-up Poland on penalties.

The passion-fuelled Ukraine side faced off against Morocco, with their incredible fans providing unwavering support. In a tense encounter, two late goals from Denys and Yevheni secured a 3-1 victory for Ukraine, igniting scenes of jubilation among their devoted supporters.

In a match filled with incredible drama, Slovenia emerged victorious against China 

The expectant home crowd eagerly gathered to watch their team face Croatia. However, the “away” side took an early lead through Ljubas. Benfarji managed to equalize, giving hope to the home fans. But their hopes were dashed as Croatia secured a victory, leaving the home supporters stunned.

As the tournament continues, new matches await in the morning, promising more excitement and surprises on the road to the ultimate triumph.