Geotermal win the Masters Cup after penalty shootout

Geotermal emerged victorious in a nail-biting final showdown against Ziccer in the Masters Cup, securing the Masters Cup title after a tense 2-2 draw in normal time. The game culminated in a thrilling best-of-three penalty shootout, with Geotermal sealing the win 1-0 as Ziccer faltered under pressure.

The match got off to an cagey start until I. Picusceac opened the scoring for Geotermal in the 14th minute, setting the tone for a fiercely contested encounter. However, Ziccer responded swiftly, with V. Fekete finding the back of the net just two minutes later to level the score.

The momentum swung in Ziccer’s favor as B. Farkas put them ahead in the 31st minute, igniting hopes of victory. Yet, Geotermal showed their resilience, with G. Orbu levelling the game once again in the 33rd minute, setting the stage for a nail-biting final 7 minutes.

As the clock ticked down, both teams pushed for a decisive goal, and both teams had chances to win it but stout defending and determined goalkeeping ensured the score remained deadlocked at 2-2, sending the match into a penalty shootout.

In the shootout, Geotermal held their nerve as O. Molla calmly scored his penalty, while Ziccer faltered, failing to convert any of their spot-kicks. With that, Geotermal secured a hard-fought 1-0 victory in the shootout, clinching the Masters Cup title in dramatic fashion.

As celebrations erupted among the Geotermal camp, they basked in the glory of their triumph, having overcome formidable opposition to lift the championship trophy. Meanwhile, Ziccer will reflect on their valiant effort in reaching the final and look ahead to future challenges with renewed determination.