The word ‘minifootball’ has now been officially recognised as the term to describe children’s football.

A spokesman for the International Socca Federation, the Governing Body for all forms of minifootball and Socca in the world said, “There are now quite a few organisations using the word minifootball, particularly across Eastern Europe, and we are now pleased that Governments are recognising the word minifootball to describe children’s football.

The spokesman continued, “We have a number of minifootball associations across the world who are now affiliated to us, as well as many members using the official term, ‘Socca’, which describes adult 5side, 6aside and 7aside football, and we now are happy to welcome minifootball associations who are representing children across the world who wish to play 5 or 6aside football”.

“We know, for instance, that sponsors, especially big sponsors, do not like the word minifootball, and these new Governmental statements make it clear to them that when people use the word minifootball, it is referring only to children’s football and not adult football.

Some of our recent big sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Heineken and TUI  will be pleased with this announcement and we look forward to working with them more closely in the future.