ISF Announces Turkey Agreement

After the wonderful World Cup in Essen, Germany last month, the largest small-sided football organisation in Turkey, operated by Cem Durul, has announced that they are planning to affiliate solely to Socca from 2023.

The World Cup drew sold-out crowds, and millions of views around the globe, and that was enough to convince the Turkish delegation. 

Cem said: “You only have to look at what the ISF did in Lisbon in 2018, Crete in 2019, and how they managed to get a fantastic event in Hungary last year, to see that Socca is the only realistic prospect and way forward in the world of small sided football”.

“We’ve been a part of other organisations but they are fragmented, don’t have the financial backing that Socca does, and just can’t put on the tournaments that we like. Also, it is evident that any serious country that runs small-sided football needs to be a part of the ISF, and there are no other realistic options available”.

 ISF Tournaments Director, Tom Nash said: “This is a great boost for Socca and is further evidence that we are the only serious choice for countries around the world to participate in major small-sided football tournaments. We are delighted to welcome Cem into our family and look forward to seeing Turkey develop both their national team with us, as well as working with Cem to develop his strategy for business cups more globally”.