Oman through to semi final after 3-1 Victory

In a captivating EuroCup quarterfinal showdown, Oman showcased their strength and determination, securing a spot in the semifinals with a convincing 3-1 victory over Bulgaria. The match was a testament to Oman’s resilience and attacking prowess, as they overcame an early setback to emerge victorious.

Bulgaria drew first blood with an early goal from D. Videv in the 9th minute, putting Oman on the back foot. However, Oman responded with determination, quickly turning the tide in their favour.

Oman’s H. Fadhil emerged as the hero of the match, scoring twice in the 24th and 33rd minutes to give his team the lead. Fadhil’s clinical finishing and composure under pressure proved crucial as Oman seized control of the game.

As the match approached its conclusion, Bulgaria pushed forward in search of an equalizer, but it was Oman who had the final say. S. Alshahri sealed the victory for Oman with a goal in the final minute, putting the result beyond doubt and sending Oman into wild celebrations.

With the win, Oman advances to the semifinals, where they will face the winner of the clash between Kazakhstan and Germany on Sunday. Oman’s impressive performance serves as a warning to their future opponents, as they continue their quest for EuroCup glory.