Socca EuroCup Kicks Off with Action-Packed Day in Moldova

The Socca EuroCup, hosted in Moldova, got off to a flying start of football action as teams clashed in a series of thrilling matches on Wednesday. From Spain’s commanding victory to Bulgaria’s dominant performance, here’s a recap of the day’s events:

In a stunning display of skill and precision, Spain asserted their dominance with a resounding 7-0 victory over Croatia. A. Kovacevic, D. Medak, I. Krpecanec, E. Husaric, and S. Perisic all found the back of the net, securing a decisive win for the Spanish side.

Meanwhile, France faced off against Lithuania that ended with a 4-1 victory for Lithuania. A. Jastier scored the lone goal for France, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Lithuania’s determined offense led by I. Rastutis, A. Trinkunas, and M. Kasparas.

In another intense matchup, Ukraine narrowly edged out Serbia with a 3-2 victory. Goals from L. Baranin and I. Jelic kept Serbia in the game, but Ukraine’s determined performance secured the win in Group A.

Moldova thrilled the home crowd with a convincing 3-1 win over Portugal in Group A. A. Stratan, D. Graur, and V. Negara showcased their talent, while J. Dias managed to score the lone goal for Portugal.

Germany faced a tough challenge from Ireland but managed to secure a narrow 2-1 victory in Group B. Goals from J. Goker and S. Watkin converting into his own kept fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

Kazakhstan delivered a dominant performance against Italy, securing a commanding 3-0 victory in Group D. N. Doszhanov, T. Adilov, and S. Mazhitov led the charge, leaving Italy struggling to find their rhythm.

Hungary and Romania battled to a 1-1 draw in Group B, with goals from E. Nyilas and L. Daraban ensuring a share of the points for both teams.

Oman stunned Belgium with a dominant 5-0 victory in Group D, showcasing their strength and skill on the field. H. Fahil, S. Alshahri, A. Alzawamri, and A. Alamri all found the back of the net, securing a memorable win for Oman.

In Group A, Georgia secured a convincing 3-1 victory over Turkey, with goals from N. Dzalamidze, G. Navalovski, and G. Napishvili sealing the win.

Bulgaria delivered a masterclass performance, overpowering Luxembourg with a dominant 9-1 victory in Group E. T. Anzhelov, I. Agushev, D. Shalamanov, D. Videv, and Y. Hristov all contributed to Bulgaria’s impressive win.

The action continues from Midday local time with another packed day of fixtures!