With the 6-a-side World Cup in Essen drawing ever closer and kick-off less than a month away, it seems like an ideal time to get the perspective of one of the coaches. And who better to start with than ISF Coach of the Year, Poland’s Klaudiusz Hirsch?

We started by asking about the award, but he was quick to deflect praise, saying: “Individual awards always go hand in hand with the team result. This title is a great honor for me. However, I know that there would be no chance for this award if it weren’t for the success of the Polish National Team at the World Championships, the great attitude of the players, the enormous work of the entire coaching staff, as well as the support of Polish fans. I believe that this honorable distinction is a reward for the entire 6-a-side community in Poland.”

He praised the entire structure of the Polish team, adding that it was a collective effort: “I am lucky that I can work with great people who are hungry for success, just like me. We all do it with great passion and heart: coaching staff, management, and players! We follow one path and focus on it. The sports result is the outcome of many factors. It may happen that we will not always be on top, but the most important thing is not to deviate from the path we have chosen!”

Klaudiusz then turned his attention to the World Cup and admitted he couldn’t wait: “The Socca World Cup is always an amazing event, and I have fond memories of each one,” he confirmed. “I’m always happy to meet friends from other national teams. I think that of the last 3 World Cups, the one in Crete was unforgettable for me, maybe because I love the beach!”

He thanked everyone for voting for him in the award: “Finally, once again, thank you very much for such a great honor. Thank you to all the coaches for voting for me. See you in Essen!