Vedran Delighted On And Off The Pitch

As the 6-a-side World Cup surpasses its halfway point and the group stages near their conclusion, our spotlight turns to Vedran Prga, a man who finds himself with his feet firmly planted in two camps. Vedran not only serves as the ISF TV director, responsible for delivering coverage to hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide, but he is also an integral part of the Croatian delegation.

Having captured the attention of soccer enthusiasts around the globe, the Socca World Cup has become a spectacle to behold, with Vedran leading the charge in showcasing the event’s grandeur. Reflecting on the TV production, Vedran expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I think this is the best video production we have made so far in all of the Socca World Cups. Shots from the full stadium in Essen go all around the world, and this is something spectacular for the promotion of this beautiful German city.”

The dedication of the ISF TV team is evident in the remarkable quality of their work. Utilising between 10 and 14 cameras, depending on the game, and incorporating live drone shots, the broadcast offers a breathtaking viewing experience. Additionally, the team’s upgraded graphics have garnered praise from both participating teams and broadcast partners. Vedran proudly stated, “This is the highest level of TV production ISF has made so far. Our upgraded graphics for this event are something that all the teams and broadcast partners love this year.”

While Vedran plays a pivotal role behind the scenes, he also carries the Croatian delegation’s aspirations on his shoulders. Despite a challenging start that saw the team suffer a defeat in their opening game, they rebounded strongly with two resounding victories, securing a place in the last 32. Reflecting on the team’s performance, Vedran conveyed the sentiments within the camp, saying, “The guys are satisfied with the result by going through to the last 32, even though the coach is unsatisfied due to the loss to Mexico. The players are thrilled to have the support of 200-500 Croatian fans (pictured above) at each game and can’t express how grateful they are for their unwavering support.”