Algerian football is on its biggest ever high right now.

Their 11 a side national team has just pulled off one of the biggest shocks in AFCON history when they beat Senegal by the only goal of the game last month, to win the final in Egypt.

Now, their 6 a side counterparts will be hoping some of that  stardust rubs off on them, as they prepare to go to Greece in October.

We are thrilled to welcome Algeria as the latest member of the ISF, and as you will see, when we spoke to the head of their federation, Souhib Mimoune,it was obvious that he couldn’t wait to get started on the journey!

Tell us a little about what attracted you to the ISF? What led us to the ISF is the great professionalism in organising and developing this project.

Tell us a little about 6 a side football in Algeria. Is it popular? How many teams are playing? Yes it is very popular it is very much like street football and we have roughly 150 clubs practising  socca in Algeria.

The World Cup is coming up – you guys must be excited?  Yes we cannot wait to participate in this big event and we are so proud to represent Algeria.

How do you think you might get on in the tournament?  It is our first time playing at this level. We’ll give everything we have then we will see.

Obviously, it would be wrong of us to ignore the stunning triumph Algeria have just had in AFCON, what do you think that might mean to football in the country? Yes, of course that means a lot to us. we have proved that we are the best in Africa, that is amazing.

Players like Riyad Mahrez are obviously renowned throughout the world – having twice won the EPL – but do you anticipate that having a positive effect on Socca in the future? Yes, of course the players like Mahrez is an example to follow in football from a technical and ethical point of view، It will have a positive impact in socca.

Last one – I always ask this just for fun so we might get know each other a little – who is the team you support?  I support Arsenal and, I hope to watch them  in Emirates stadium!