All Eyes On Croatia For The Finals

In just a few days, we will find out who will be the new Croatian Socca Champions. In the municipality of Cestica near the city of Varaždin, the national finals of the Croatian Socca Championship will be held on 1st and 2nd July.

This competition comes just a few weeks after the Croatian national team played in the semi-finals at the Socca World Cup in Essen, and it will be an opportunity for many players to prove themselves to the national team staff and secure a place in the Croatian Socca national team for the upcoming friendly matches.

The Croatian Socca national championship has already received significant national media coverage. The semi-finals and the main final will be broadcasted on the popular partner TV channel Sport Klub. It is interesting to note that this competition will also be broadcasted in Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We will have a big TV production of the Croatian Socca national finals this season. Live content will be produced with seven cameras, and as an extra, we will use a drone camera. I think that players who were not able to play at the World Cup also deserve to feel like professionals, and this is one way for them to experience that feeling,” said Vedran Prga from Socca Croatia (pictured above right).

For the first time, VAR Technology will be used at the tournament, with Vedran adding: “I think that this event is a perfect fit to test this technology, especially because we will not only have Croatian refs but also Slovenian refs, and all of them are the best of the best. They have all refereed the most important Socca matches, such as the World Cup elimination phase or the Champions League main final.”

And as an added incentive, the Croatian national finals will award a ticket for the Socca Champions League in Slovenia to the champions crowned on Sunday.