Referee communication partner AXIWI will be present at International Socca Federation Conference in Birmingham

During the SOCCA World Cup in Greece AXIWI was the ‘referee communication’ partner of the International Soccer Federation. Now they will present at the International Socca Federation Conference in Birmingham to inform the Socca Federations about the possibilities of working with wireless headsets.

If you already have questions about using headsets or the AXIWI equipment, please contact the Sales Representative directly: Thomas Boogaarts, [email protected] or by phone via +31 (0)180 – 691 400. He will also be in Birmingham during the conference at the 29th of March.

AXIWI® referee communication system    

In sports having two or more referees during a match is an increasing trend, even if the matches are non-professional. To make communication between referees more effective AXIWI introduced the wireless and handsfree AXIWI Referee communication system. The AXIWI communication system is the perfect wireless solution for on field communication between up to 6 referees.

 More info about this application via this link.

Observing/coaching starting and talented referees

The challenge of coaching referees (from the sideline on the sports field) without headsets is that it limits you in effective communication and coaching of the referee. With a communication system an observer can coach and support the young soccer referees directly during the game. Coaching with AXIWI is not limited to halftime, before or after the game. This way the referee observer can give directly tips about positioning and running lines, from the side line. Because of this, the young and talented referee learns fast about how to position optimally. As a result; they will get more confidence and develop their skills faster. AXIWI is the wireless communication system for observers and coaches in sports.

More info about this application via the link.

AXIWI equipment

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