China joins the ISF

The ISF are delighted to announce the addition of China as the newest country to join the International Socca Federation.

Xiai Sports Media Co,  one of China’s leading sports and media companies, have been running major 5-a-side tournaments in China for the past 5 years and are now keen to develop their international partnerships and provide new playing opportunities for the 40,000 teams they represent.

Both 11-a-side football and small-sided socca have seen a rise in popularity in China over the past 5 years, with their government backing the development of sport. This market growth and the popularity of 5-a-side competitions means that Chinese Federation are confident that China’s 6-a-side team is ready to take to the world stage and participate alongside more traditional football nations such as England, Germany, Portugal and Brazil.

John Yan,  representative of Beijing Xiai Sports Media Co., stated that “we are very excited to be a member of ISF and to give our players to opportunity to travel to Portugal and represent China in the World Cup. We are really keen to promote the ISF in China and hope to also get the chance to host international competitions in China in the near future.”