EuroCup Announcement

The International Socca Federation is pleased to announce that during the recent Socca World Cup in Essen, in an exciting development for Socca in Europe, a new deal was agreed between the ISF, Socca Moldova and the Football Association of Moldova to host the Socca EuroCup in Moldova once again for 2024.

Socca Moldova President Igor Carasiov had this to say following the contract signing, “The signing of this contract to host the EuroCup 2024 in Moldova results from a close partnership between the ISF, FMF, and Socca Moldova. We are convinced that this tournament will attract many participants and spectators. The signing demonstrates our commitment to the growth of this football format in the country. Socca is rapidly expanding worldwide, and we are working hard to keep up with this trend. Moldova becomes the epicentre of the European Socca development. This cannot but rejoice! Our infrastructure is the best in Europe today, so the tournament promises to be unforgettable!”

The EuroCup will once again showcase teams of exceptional playing level, ensuring a thrilling display of skill, tactics, and sportsmanship. Football enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly await the announcement of the exact dates for the tournament, which will be revealed this autumn.

Continuing the tradition of previous editions, the championship will feature two categories of teams. The A category will consist of teams competing for the European Socca Title, while the B category will involve teams vying for both the European Socca Title and the three qualification positions that lead to the World Cup. This inclusion of teams fighting for World Cup qualification based on ranking further enhances the competitiveness and intensity of the championship.

The matches of the Socca EuroCup will receive full television coverage, allowing fans from all corners of Europe to witness the thrilling action unfold. The stage for this momentous event will be set at La Izvor Socca Arena, hailed as the most beautiful permanent Socca stadium in Europe, which hosted the inaugural EuroCup earlier this year. Its remarkable facilities and electrifying atmosphere will provide the perfect backdrop for players and spectators alike to experience the magic of this wonderful and inclusive sport.

ISF CEO Thanos Papadopoulos said about the agreement, “I am extremely happy that the European Socca history is to be shaped in Chisinau for the second consecutive year after the big success of 2023. The interest of the media is very high, and most of the best European teams will be in Chisinau. The level of the sport has been raised so much that even the teams fighting for World Cup qualification are formidable opponents. The next challenge already seems absolutely exciting.”

Christoph Koechy, President of Socca Europe, shared his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “The premiere of the EuroCup earlier this year was fantastic. The venue, the level of play, the engagement of the fans, it was already great. Now that Socca grows every year, we will see an even better event year by year, and I am happy for the fruitful cooperation with our member Moldova. I am very much looking forward to the next edition.”