Moldova Look Forward With Confidence

Moldova recently bid farewell to the 6-a-side World Cup, leaving a lasting impression despite their early exit from the tournament. As the championship concluded, Moldovan Football Federation representative, Vladimir Horoshilov, expressed his thoughts on their experience. “This year is a very strong organisation, strong teams, fantastic fans,” he stated. Horoshilov went on to proclaim, “Socca World Cup 2023 is the best in ISF history.”

Although Moldova entered the competition as one of the pre-tournament favourites, their journey came to an end in the last 32 when they were defeated by eventual champions, Kazakhstan. However, Moldova showcased their prowess by securing victories over Colombia and Portugal, while also managing a draw against Albania in the group stage.

Reflecting on their performance, Horoshilov acknowledged the disappointment in terms of the sports results but emphasized the team’s positive aspects. “Moldova had a lot of potential this year. There is disappointment in terms of sports results, but we showed a good game, confidently won the group stage, and enjoyed the matches as much as possible,” he commented.

Moldova’s participation in the Socca World Cup highlighted the country’s strong presence within the sport. Recognising this, it was announced just yesterday that Moldova will host the return of the EuroCup tournament in 2024, further solidifying its position at the heart of Socca.

Looking ahead, Horoshilov expressed his optimism about the future of Socca. “We are sure that Socca is the future of mass football in the world,” he stated with confidence.