EuroCup Ready To Kick Off

Moldova is the new 6 a side “hot spot” for this spring! the EuroCup is now launched and the Chisinau is going to host a large number of teams for the first ever exclusively European event which has a double nature: Qualification tournament for the 6 a side World Cup for many teams that are lower in ranking or new members and need to get the first three positions in order to get the three tickets for the World Cup of Germany and prestigious continental tournament for the European crown.

Two weeks before the kick-off of Socca EuroCup, the President of the Moldova Federation and host of this event Igor Carasiov talked with us to let us know how the final preparation was going, and perhaps most importantly how this was a beacon for peace in the war-torn region.

So Igor, Socca EuroCup, the new big ISF event, comes in our lives for first time in two weeks’ time! As Head of the Organizing Committee, how do you see this event?
Our goal is to hold this sporting event with professionalism and introduce our guests to our country and culture, demonstrating our openness and hospitality to everyone. I am convinced that the organising committee will do everything possible to hold this event at a high level. As for the EuroCup itself, first of all, I hope  it is enjoyable for the participating countries themselves. Our sports infrastructure will inspire them and leave them with positive emotions. This event will allow the teams to soak up the excellent sporting atmosphere and unleash their sporting potential. So we will see beautiful football, It is the meaning of this game!

Some people may think that Moldova is a small country and the event is a really big challenge. Do you believe that Chisinau was the ideal destination for the EuroCup and for what reasons?
Moldova is a small but very cosy and compact country in southeastern Europe with excellent climatic parameters, where warm and sunny weather persists in autumn and spring. The location of the country also makes it convenient for guests. And, of course, a unique element is the presence of sports infrastructure (Socca Arena). Sports complex La Izvor in Chisinau. These are unique multifunctional architectural structures that will decorate any sports event. All these factors combined allowed the ISF management to decide to hold the tournament in our favour. I am grateful for that!

Which teams do you see as favorites and if I asked you to make a prediction for the final, which would be your bet?
Let me be modest about the predictions and estimates of potential favourite teams. There are established teams but there will also be wild cards. All teams will strive to succeed in achieving their sporting goals. It takes work to single out favorites at the start. I am sure of one thing; the winner will be the team that overcomes fatigue and retains the maximum passion for victory until the referee’s final whistle. The captain of this team will raise the first EuroCup in the history of ISF!

Sports vs War. Moldova is a neighbour country to Ukraine. Is this EuroCup a brave “sound of peace” against the disaster that is taking place a few kilometers away? How would you comment the decision of so many teams to take part in the EuroCup is their way of declaring silently that sport is the way to unite people?
Unfortunately, you are right. There is a war on the territory of our neighbouring country, Ukraine, which is tremendously upsetting. However, life goes on, and in the morning, the sun comes out, symbolising the beginning of a new day, the onset of new life plans and essential ideas. Moldova, Romania, and Hungary are the neighbouring countries of Ukraine, and their participation in the tournament demonstrates a determination to overcome this fear. I am sure that each of us today thinks about the world and wishes its speedy return. Organising such a sporting event today is a bold step; this is our shared desire for this. We are grateful to all the countries that decided to participate in this sporting event in Moldova. These countries have expressed their support and trust in us, which is an important and primary motivation for us today!