Since becoming a member of the ISF, Mexico have impressed everyone with the passion, their flair and their colourful football, and now their preparations for Essen 2023 are there for all to see as they became the latest team to be given a brand-new National Teams website.

President of the Mexican Federation, Sergio Ibarra, was delighted with the steps forward that had been made, as he explained: “We started using the new site about two weeks ago,” Sergio confirmed, “It became very practical for us. And above all, it gives a lot of credibility to the people of my country who see that we are linked to the ISF page, this gives a lot of credibility to the project”.

In common with the other countries that have received their new websites, Sergio was quick to praise how easy it was to use, adding: “It is very friendly and easy to upload information.”

Mexico will be proudly using their site to aid their planning for the 6 a side World Cup this June. With the major 6 a side event of the year hurtling fast into view, it was an ideal time to gauge how Mexico were looking. A cagey Sergio was playing things close to his chest, saying only: “The Mexico team looks good, but as you know, nothing is certain in soccer. The only thing we are sure of is to have fun and do our best.”

In the most recent event, Hungary 2022, the Mexican side reached the last eight. Losing only narrowly to eventual runners up, Kazakhstan. They will have the benefit of experience this time around too: “We think at least 30% of the players will be the same as last year” reckoned Sergio, and as he pointed out, that has benefits elsewhere: “The players all know each other so it’s easier to plan the training programme.”

The new websites are only available to countries that have paid their full membership fees for 2023, and many more nations around the world will be receiving theirs in the coming weeks, with ISF Director Tom Nash adding: “We look forward to more and more countries coming on board with these new team pages as the membership fees come in. We already have the next couple being customised for release as we speak.”