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We are always looking at how to make Socca better. What would you like to change in the rules for the 6 a side World Cup?

We believe that you are on the right way and a lot of good and correct things have already been done. We believe that it should be good to revise a rule about the red card. There was a mistake in Greece. In this format of the game, a red card cannot lead to removal until the end of the match. You need to go back to the rules that you used in Portugal, where a player was removed until the end of the game, the team plays in the minority. After five minutes, another player can go out, only the time (5 minutes) we would suggest counting the net. Cancel the ban on making tackles. Sliding tackle is an integral part of football. Until we have this rule, there will be a lot of controversies in every match. Instead of positive emotions, everyone will get a negative, the teams, the judges, the organisers, the audience. At the same time, I believe that it is necessary to give recommendations to the judges to punish more strictly for gross and deliberate violations of the rules during the tackle. But first of all, I repeat, a clean tackle is a decoration of the game. Exclude any sports punishment for disciplinary offences. Sports punishment (withdrawal of the team from the competition, withdrawal of points, cancellation of a goal, etc.) is possible only for a serious sports violation. Such cases are clearly spelled in the competition regulations, as well as the responsibility itself. For disciplinary violations (hit, insulted, etc.), there can only be disciplinary penalties (fine, disqualification, etc.). It is the legal basis for any competition. The competition venue and the stadiums in Portugal and Greece were well organised, everything was at the highest level! But it is crucial to pay attention first of all to such issues as the quality of the organisation of the game itself. Quality of balls and lawn. We believe that this is the most important thing. The lawn itself and the way it is laid, unfortunately, can only guarantee good conditions in dry weather, any rain and even humidity cause players huge game problems, including injuries. Behind the gate, it is necessary to stretch the net with a height of at least six meters. It will not require much expenditure, but the playing time in each match will increase significantly. With a 40-minute game, this is more than necessary. Draw. It is a beautiful and representative event. We are happy to watch it and look forward to it every time. But teams must be separated according to two main principles: sports and geographical. The strongest or weakest teams should not be included in the same group. Still, it is also important that countries from the same continent are separated into different groups. It is not correct when a team flies across the globe to play with its geographical neighbour.

If there is anything you want to add or say please do.

We would like to thank all the organisers of the world Cup Socca once again for a wonderful holiday. We know very well how difficult it is to organise such large-scale and significant events, and we express our professional respect and admiration for the work done. Special thanks to you and Thanos personally. And if it is not difficult, please convey our gratitude to the team of referees of the final match Russia-Poland. Their highly worthy and impeccable professional work became the decoration of the main game and a sign of the quality of the world Cup.