Leisure Leagues, who have won recognition from the UN for the work they have done for Women’s Football, are proud to announce yet another tournament which will advance girls soccer in Pakistan.

Chipurson, in the remote, beautiful Gilgit Baltistan area will provide the backdrop for the matches, which began yesterday.

The first task for staff was to make sure the pitch was fit for use.

Incredibly low temperatures – with an icy cold -18 forecast for tonight – and heavy snowfall meant tough work for the ground staff, but they managed to take the blocks of ice from the pitch to ensure the matches started on time.

This focus on the women’s and girls’ game is all part of the social inclusion that has been key to the holistic approach to football since the Leisure Leagues brand was launched in the country with a staggering exhibition game featuring Ronaldinho.

The world’s biggest provider of small sided soccer always said they were looking to build infrastructure on the country, to lock in a lasting legacy once the stars had gone home, and tournaments like this one, and the recently announced partnership with leading education provider Roots Millennium underline that commitment.

The firm, which began in the UK in the 1980s, before expanding worldwide in the 21st century, now has leagues on five continents, with over one million players playing around the world.

In addition, the vision of the Trunkwala family, who own World Group, has seen Leisure Leagues become the driving force of, and the power behind, the International Socca Federation World Cup.

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