Grand Prix Sevens returns to Georgia

For six consecutive years, the 7×7 Football Association has been proudly organizing the “MAST ER LEAGUE” championship in Georgia. This unique event brings together individuals from various social spheres and professions, creating a competitive yet inclusive atmosphere where every participant emerges as a winner. The MASTER LEAGUE is more than just a championship; it’s a sanctuary from life’s daily struggles, offering new opportunities and a sense of camaraderie among the players.

The SOCCA GR AND PRIX SEVENS , a collaborative project with the INTERNATIONAL SOCCA FEDERATION, is an amateur football tournament that celebrates the spirit of the game. Ambassador Hotel Kachreti in Georgia will play host to this prestigious event, welcoming 16 eager teams, including two from Georgia itself, to compete for glory and a generous prize fund. The event will take place on the 11th – 15th September 2024.

As we get closer to the event,  we will keep you updated with teams participating, times and fixture information.