Lithuanian Teams Dominate Group Stage in Baltic Cup

The group stage of the Baltic Minifootball Cup has concluded with exciting matches and impressive performances in Riga’s LNK Sporta Parks football complex. Lithuanian teams have demonstrated their prowess by securing top spots in both groups. This impressive performance sets the stage for an exciting quarterfinal round, with Lithuanian teams positioned as strong contenders for the title.

Group A:

 In Group A, FK El Dorado led the way with an outstanding display of skill and teamwork. They kicked off their campaign with a commanding 4-1 victory over FC Hegelmann Minifootball, setting the tone for the rest of the group stage. They followed this up with a solid 2-0 win against FK Nica/Otankimill (Latvia) and capped their group stage performance with a narrow 2-1 triumph over Steel (Ukraine). With three wins out of three, FK El Dorado comfortably secured the top spot in Group A.

FC Hegelmann Minifootball also had a notable group stage, recovering from their initial loss to FK El Dorado. They bounced back with a resounding 4-1 win against Steel and concluded their group matches with a 3-1 victory over FK Nica/Otankimill. This strong performance ensured their second-place finish in the group, right behind their compatriots FK El Dorado.


Group B:

Group B saw FK Smūgis and FSK Radviliškis dominate the competition. FK Smūgis started their campaign with a convincing 4-1 win against Krupis City Tukums (Latvia) and continued their winning streak with a 9-1 demolition of OKS Kolejorz (Poland). Their final group match was a crucial 3-0 victory over FSK Radviliškis, cementing their position as group winners.

FSK Radviliškis, despite their loss to FK Smūgis, had a strong group stage overall. They began with an emphatic 8-0 win against OKS Kolejorz and followed it up with a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Krupis City Tukums. Their efforts secured them the second place in Group B, ensuring a strong representation for Lithuania in the knockout stages.


Quarterfinals view

With all four Lithuanian teams finishing in the top two places of their respective groups, the quarterfinals promise to be an exciting showcase of Lithuanian minifootball talent. The matchups are set as follows:

 FK El Dorado will face OKS Kolejorz.

 FC Hegelmann Minifootball will take on Krupis City Tukums.

 FK Nica/Otankimill will compete against FSK Radviliškis.

 FK Smūgis will play Steel.

 This strong group stage performance by Lithuanian teams highlights their dominance in the tournament and sets high expectations for the upcoming matches. Fans can look forward to thrilling encounters as these teams strive to bring the Baltic Minifootball Cup trophy home to Lithuania.