We are delighted to reveal that Ireland have become the first national team to take delivery of their brand new national teams website from the International Socca Federation – ahead of many following in their footsteps in the coming weeks.

The fresh, new look website, which will tie into the main Socca federation website, has been built to give teams and officials much greater flexibility and customisable functionality – whilst increasing the professionalism of our member organisations.

One such feature is the news section, which will enable each team official to publish their own news for the first time.

Proud Tomas Szindler – the Head of Ireland Socca – has already taken advantage of this and added: “We are thrilled that we, in Ireland, are leading the way with the new national team websites and we can tell the worldwide Socca family that it is a massive leap forward.”

The new websites are only available to countries that have paid their full membership fees for 2023, but as ISF Director, Tom Nash explained, Ireland is the first of many. “We look forward to more and more countries coming on board with these new team pages as the membership fees come in. We already have the next couple being customised for release as we speak “

The Irish team’s players will next be involved in action in April with this year’s edition of the Spring Cup. 20 teams from all over Ireland, including many of the national team, will compete in Cork.

You can find all the info on the Ireland Team website here: