Less than 48 hours to go and everything is nearly complete in Crete, where the Leisure Leagues Stadium is rising above the city of Rethymno.

The purpose built stadium – the biggest of its type anywhere in the world – sits on the shore of the med, while the late summer sea laps up to the stands.

But at 12pm (Greek Time) on Saturday, the calm will be shattered and replaced by unique atmosphere that only the 6 a side football world cup can provide.

The match, between Latvia and Egypt, will see the starting gun set off on eight days of what promises to be incredible action as 40 countries take part to see if any of them can wrestle the title from reigning champions, Germany, who beat Poland in the final last year.

That though, is for the future, what we can say, for absolutely sure is this: the scene in Rethymno, is incredible.

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