Mexico announced as destination for next ISF World Cup

The first post-pandemic 6aside World Cup will be staged in Mexico in the Spring of 2022.

In an exclusive sneak preview image of the video showing an artist’s impression of The Leisure Leagues Stadium in Mexico, ISF Executive Tom Nash said, “The truth is that throughout the pandemic, and for over a year, even though the ISF management has been inactive, we’ve kept our UK head office open to liaise with our Mexican friends and get most of the details in place for the first World Cup post-pandemic. We’ll be releasing a lot more details next week, with video imagery, exact dates and location, but I can safely say that it is going to be the most amazing event there has ever been, even I think surpassing the stunning World Cups we staged in Lisbon in 2018 and Crete in 2019”.

ISF ambassador or Mark Clattenburg said, “This is going to be an amazing event in Mexico and I can’t wait to be part of the action. I am so excited that our Mexican friends and colleagues are going to stage this superb event and I know that they will bring professionalism and glamour through the World Cup to everybody”.

Thanos Papadopoulos said, “For once I have had a long and well earned rest from everything World Cup, but hearing this news from our UK head office now means that I can speak to all of our members and say to them, ‘if you want to play in this event, and others we are organising, the only way is to get your memberships in quickly, because like pre-pandemic, an organisation that gets ISF membership first, will be the exclusive organisation to represent their country in our World Cup in Mexico”.