Usually, the day before the Easter Break, I write these little short pieces to wish everyone around the world a happy time with their families, however you choose to spend it – whether it is just an excuse to relax or has some other, more spiritual significance to you.

This year though, it is an Easter like no other. 2020 will go down as the Easter with social distancing, where the world stood gripped by a virus that knows no boundaries.

We know there is not one of our 87 member countries, not one of the millions of players who play in our affiliated competitions or not one corner of the globe that has been unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Right now, there is barely any sport taking place anywhere in the world, and that is because the world faces a more important match. The difference between Coronavirus and a football game, though is simple. We can guarantee a winner. And it will be us.

So, we know that football will return, and we know that our competitions ill go from strength to strength, just please, follow the rules in your country and try and minimise the spread of Covid-19.

As usual, we do of course wish you a happy Easter, but this time, please stay home, and stay safe.