“It’s great for us, as England players to give something back. Hopefully we can be role-models and give them something to look up to”, so said Arjun Yung as the England team had a very special training session this weekend.

Revolution, from the Cornish of Camborne, came up to the latest training England session, in Birmingham, to sample life at the very top.

It all took place under the watchful gaze of the legendary Ron Atkinson, who is the England team’s Director Of Football and England boss, Jamie Leggett.

“Big Ron” who won cups at Wembley in his career, admitted he was impressed, saying: “there has been some real quality on show by the players of both teams. The lads that came up from Cornwall, apparently did quite well in the Leisure Leagues last season.”

Revolution, run in conjunction with England 6 a side team sponsors, Alfasilver were equally thrilled: “We’ve only played at our local league, and this is a massive opportunity” said their skipper.

Daniel Bezsant, one of the England squad, said the day was amazing: “six hours, they were telling us earlier, it had taken them to get here! I was talking to the boys earlier, they are a really nice bunch of lads.”

England star man Dean McDonald said the national team had got plenty from the session too: “We’ve had them with us doing some shape and some shooting,” he explained before joking: “The keeper must be alright – I haven’t scored past him yet!”

The session was all part of the build-up to the World Cup in Crete, to be held in October.