The International Socca Federation expanded our global reach this week and is absolutely delighted to welcome Hungary on board.

The Chief Executive Officer  of the Hungarian Socca Association, Tibor Csuhai, couldn’t hide his delight as his homeland took up membership of the ISF. Their acceptance means the Hungarian national team will be competing in the World Cup in 2019, and their club sides will be competing in the Champions League event in Slovenia.

“It is with great pleasure that we are now part of the Socca family!” he beamed, “We will do our absolute best to represent our country at the World Cup and our teams in the Champions league as worthy and reputable competitors. Go Hungary, Go Socca Hungary!”

International Socca Federation Director, Hannah Wallis, admitted she was thrilled to see Hungary becoming part of the network: “Hungary is a proud country, with an equally proud football heritage, dating back to the post war period, and wonderful legends like Ferenc Puskás and right up to the present day. They will doubtless be a welcome addition to the Socca family.”

The Hungarian team will expected to be strong in the World Cup, with Hannah adding: “Eastern Europe has a proud tradition in 6 a side football, and countries from the region are always tough to beat. The rest of Europe will surely be watching out!”

The Hungarian National team will be formalised in the coming days, but President Dr. Teglás Sándor (pictured above) and the rest of the Executive will be making announcements on their website and Facebook pages

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