World Cup artificial turf boost

Polytan, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of artificial sports turf, have agreed to provide the ISF with their latest artificial turf product, which they will be rebranding as “LigaTurf Socca “, for the Socca World Cup in Lisbon in late September.

The turf will be the latest in a long line of technologically advanced products produced by Polytan and promises to be the best quality
socca turf that footballers have played on.

Vice-President of ISF, Shahzeb Trunkwala said “Polytan have recognised that ISF is reaching out to all corners of the world and, with it’s rapid expansion, will be an ideal marketplace for Polytan to show the world the quality of their astroturf products. I am thrilled that the ISF has jumped to the front of the queue to secure this exclusive Polytan deal and I am looking forward to a prosperous and long term relationship with Polytan many years into the future.”

Christoph Koechy, Head of Sponsorship for ISF commented “In my view Polytan produces the very best astroturf you can get anywhere, and to have this deal with them is not only a ringing endorsement of Polytan themselves, but also an endorsement of the progress and speed that socca and the ISF is making, and has made, over the past year or so. Both organisations, through this deal, will now go from strength to strength, and it will open up opportunities for both companies throughout the wider world.”

The turf will be transported to Lisbon and installed in the main square in Lisbon, prior to the event starting on 23rd September 2018.

Friedemann Söll, Director of Product Management and Marketing remarks: “We are proud that we could contribute with our latest technology know-how to this fast growing event in the soccer world. The sport events are moving out of the stadia into the cities onto the squares and meeting places to attract even more spectators, so we are going to provide easy handling systems to allow professional sports in these venues as well. Further, it is important that 2the advantages of artificial football turf are transported into the world and we are glad to have ISF as a partner to spread the good news.

Picture: Tim Ahlrisch