The 20th of September is a pretty unremarkable day in the annals of history.

Notable things that have happened on that day include the first ever Cannes film festival and just about the only sporting first we could find for the 20th September was the very first game of the Pittsburgh Steelers back in 1933.

So, if the 20th September is nondescript, then the same cannot be said of 20th October.. Because, the 20th October is when the new kings of the 6 a side world will be crowned.

The eyes of the world will be on the gorgeous city of Rethmyno, in Crete as 40 countries battle it out over eight days of what promises to be the best competition anywhere in the world this year.

They will all be looking to wrestle the title from Germany, who won the inaugural title in Lisbon last year. The action was incredible, as this video shows.

Preparations for the World Cup 2019 are now well underway.

A couple of weeks ago, the groups were drawn at a ceremony beamed all around the world – and from experienced countries to newboys and everyone in between – watched on excitedly.

The action gets underway on 12th October, and all games will be broadcast live on the ISF Website.

The Final Countdown is on…..