Celebs Out In Force As Leisure Leagues Returns To Pakistan

As football returns after Lockdown all over the world, Leisure Leagues Pakistan got underway in incredible style.

To celebrate the first games in months, LLPK organized a football friendly match between the native kids (including boys and girls) as well as high profile celebrities from Karachi, including Frieha Altaf, Adnan Malik, and Ali Lakhani. The game was organized in Ghulkin Valley, located in Gilgit Baltistan.

The match was the first small-sided football activity in the GB region after Covid-19 lockdown by Leisure Leagues. The friendly game took place between Pink Team & Blue Team. The teams consisted of kids from local football clubs mixed up with the visitors from Karachi. Adnan Malik’s Pink Team winning the match on penalties thanks to the actor’s amazing goalkeeping skills.

Malik is an actor and WWF’s goodwill ambassador in the country, Altaf is a model and activist, while Lakhani is a prominent businessman, and it marks yet another wonderful step forward for Leisure Leagues Pakistan.

After their formation with the Ronaldinho And Friends games in Lahore and Karachi, LLPK became a by-word for footballing innovation, with more than 80 leagues in the country and millions of players throughout the sports mad nation.

In addition the Trunkwala family have received awards from the UN for their work with ladies and children’s sport, which has pushed the boundaries of social norms in Pakistan.

They have also invigorated the sport with their performances in the World Cup events in both Lisbon and Crete, where their young team knocked out world champions Germany in the 2019 event.

To find out more about Leisure Leagues Pakistan, click here: https://www.leisureleagues.pk/