The First XI series has really shown us all how the great sport of 6 a side football has the ability to bring us all together like nothing else.

“Community” means more here than the places where our leagues operate across the world. It runs deeper. It’s a bond.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen a side of people either in the ISF family or closely connected to it, through the Leisure Leagues Leagues network –  the global power behind the World Governing Body for 5, 6 and 7 a side football.

Today’s edition focusses on someone with a foot in both camps, as we put Leisure Leagues Egypt CEO Amr Dawish under the spotlight.

Back in July last year, Egypt launched its first Leisure Leagues, and a squad of Leisure Leagues players competed in the World Cup last year in Crete.

Here, though Amr, tells us about his love for Arsenal FC, playing his piano, and why he’d like to relax in Bali when all this is over.

Right then Amr, let’s start with an easy one. When you were little, which football team did you support?
In Egypt I have been always a fan of El-Ahly, UK – Arsenal

What was the first football match you ever saw?
El-Ahly Vs Zamalek 1975

And, growing up, who was your favourite player?
Abu-Treika Egypt – Ronaldinho & Terry Henry

How did you relax away from things? Do you have a favourite TV show or musician?
Music, more of piano and guitar also songs

When we are allowed to travel again, do you have a place you dream of visiting?

I travelled a lot yet never been to a real relaxing place – I wish I can make it to Bali or Maldives

Do you have a favourite other sport?
Handball and Squash

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?
A designer

If you could pick the best ever 6 a side team for you to manage, who would the players be?
Buffon – GK Dani Alves, Maldini, Mo Salah, Messi, R9

Obviously we are all in lockdown at the moment. What have you missed the most in the time off?
Mosque, Soccer games and travel

As soon as everything reopens again where is the first place you are going to?
I’ll be going to the Mosque

Do you have a hidden talent you can tell us about?

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