ISF Launches Worldwide Covid Guidelines

ISF,  world governing body for small sided football has issued the first guidelines for operators of 5, 6, 7 and 8 sided leagues to make them Covid secure as the world lurches into another wave of the pandemic.

Many countries around the world, whilst resisting full lockdown, are saying that organised team sports can continue as long as they are Covid secure.

The most significant part of the guidelines says that cash handling should be eliminated at the league, as this is a major source of transmission.

This could mean that league operators in the UK who do not have a built-in online payment system for their teams could be stopped from organising matches.

Further guidelines say that effective social distancing measures should be in operation at the league and the should be an increased staff presence from the facility to ensure that the league operator strictly adheres to the guidelines.

The full list of guidelines published by the ISF are:


1          Strictly no cash handling at the league (the league operator must have an online payment facility for teens)


2          No bibs should be worn at the league or handed to teams.


3          Spectators are not allowed.


4          Teams should arrive at the league in their kit and not use changing areas.


5          Teams should stay in their groups or bubbles and not mix with other teams.


6          There should be no handshakes, all the alternative of touching arms, as this means that players are coming within 2 m of each other.


7          Staff at the league should wear appropriate face coverings at all times.

The ISF has also published a list of high priority recommendations, the key one being that league organisers should have an effective track and trace system in place, and take the temperature, using an approved device, of all players before they enter the pitch.