ISF Venue Offers Sanctuary

The ability of ISF members to spread love and positivity in the world has come to the fore again. And this time it means the top Ukrainian venue for the sport of small- sided football being used for an altogether different purpose.

In March 2022, the Hydropark Arena in Kiev (pictured above) should have been hosting the third annual Klitschko Cup. Instead, world events mean that the incredible facilities are home to hundreds of people that are affected by the conflict.

Over two million people have fled the capital of the war-torn country since the conflict began, but for those that have been unable to leave, the Hydropark has provided vital and welcome sanctuary.

Sergey Kharchenko – Head of the Ukraine Federation – felt they had to act and now they are asking for donations to help their efforts to provide food, warmth and essentials to the stricken residents of the war-torn city.

Leisure Leagues – the power behind the ISF – had their yearly conference last weekend and the family spoke movingly to the hundreds of delegates by zoom of what they were trying to do. Leisure Leagues and the ISF’s Martin Cassidy said it had really brought home the severity of the situation and commented: “It’s a dreadful situation, and its so wonderful that we our member in the country can do so much to help.”

The details of you can aid the efforts to help are below, including the bank details, with Martin saying: “Please do what you can, we are sure the ISF family will come together here.”