The ISF is delighted this afternoon reveal the first draft of the logo for the 2019 World Cup in Crete.

Planning is well under way for the wonderful, showpiece event which is set to take place this autumn in the gorgeous, historic city of Rethmynon and everything is already in place that will see the team of top engineers construct the stadium on the beach.

Now the organising committee is proud to share with the world the all important logo.

An ISF spokesperson said: “Every great tournament needs a great, distinctive brand and there is no doubt that Crete 2019 has got one.

The colourful design will form the basis of the final, finished logo that will festoon the streets of Rethymno this autumn and the spokesperson said: “Not just the city, but the whole of Crete more generally will be gripped by football fever and have the eyes of the world on them for one glorious week.

“In a way the whole of the world will all unite under this fine emblem.”

More details will be revealed in the coming weeks and months about the World Cup. We already know that just last week Crete was rated as one of the finest holiday destinations in the world, and we already know that 32 teams from all continents will join together to try and stop Germany winning the world cup for a second time, but the rest of the history is yet to be written.