Continuing our series where we speak to member nations and find out about the state of 6 a side football in their country – and discover how the preparations for the World Cup 2019 in Crete are going – we were grateful to speak to Henry from the Belgian AMB federation this week.

Henry, who’s country is gearing up for a second appearance at the World Cup this autumn, was playing his cards close to his chest in terms of his aims, but reckoned he knew who the favourites were……

So, you’ve been a member for a while and competed at the World Cup, what are your impressions of Socca generally?
I am happy to be part of this great and wonderful federation, which is the ISF. Socca is unique and we are all spellbound by this magic of the ball. A great organisation with dedicated and involved members. That good forecasts for our future all. Emotions and satisfaction guaranteed.

You guys did pretty well in the World Cup in 2018, what are the aims for 2019?
Our main goal is to qualify from the group, then we’ll see, what happens not to do better than in Portugal.

Who do you think will impress in Crete?
For me, the organising country is always a favourite. I think Greece will play the semi-finals in the company of Germany, Poland and a surprise. This is just my opinion. But France, England and Brazil are good contenders.

Generally in Belgium, is small sided football growing?
In Belgium we have championships that are played every week. More and more teams are joining but football at 11 and futsal remain the priority in the rainy weather of our country, we are hoping to change that though, we are growing all the time.

Everyone in the world knows about the wonderful players Belgium has at the moment, De Bruyne, Hazard, Lukaku and so many more.  Does that mean there are lots of youngsters looking to emulate their heroes?
All young people dream of becoming a star. Those who have not had the opportunity try to get there by practising 6 a side football and hope someday to join the national socca squad.

And finally, the team in Crete – are they looking to go one better than the 11 a side team did last year?
HAHAHA I leave the surprise but the SOCCA makes us all dream.