That Week In Lisbon: World Cup 2018

We all need an escape at the moment, wherever we are in the world, so we’d like you to join us in a journey back two years ago to a glorious week in Lisbon, when the first Leisure Leagues powered World Cup took place.

The Trunkwala Stadium was the incredible venue in the iconic Praça do Comércio in Lisbon’s city centre.

The spectacular purpose-built stadium was erected in the city’s Main Square, close to all the city’s tourist amenities and overlooked by the President’s residence, providing an idyllic backdrop to the world class football taking place.

The week long tournament featured the best national 6-a-side teams from across the globe and was supported by a number of local businesses as well as receiving substantial support from the local government. The Leisure Leagues backed ISF also invested heavily in the event, contributing six figure sums to help ensure the highest level of event production.

After a tense final against a Polish side, Germany were crowned World Cup winners 2018.

Looking back on the week, the ISF’s Martin Cassidy said: “It was incredible, such a leap forward on what had happened before. It was a week that no one who was there will ever forget, and moreover, however big this tournament gets and however wonderful the spectacle becomes – and we saw a glimpse of this in Crete –  this will always be the first and we will never forget it.”

Coronavirus has meant the cancelation of the 2020 World Cup, but Martin promised: “As soon as it safe and we are able, we will return and the world 6 a side family will be back together again.”

In the meantime, here are some incredible reminders of what happened that unforgettable week in Portugal.

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