Everyone who watches the English Premier League has seen Tottenham Hotspur fans singing “Harry Kane, he’s one of our own”.

Well that was literally true in the Leisure Leagues Stadium in Crete last night as the youngest squad in the tournament fought so hard against the World Champions last night.

Germany prevailed 3-2 at the Leisure Leagues Stadium in Crete, but the team in green took the plaudits and won the hearts of the packed stadium.

In a display that even the German Federation Head, Christoph Koechy hailed and goalkeeper Kim Sippel called “the greatest performance in Pakistan Socca history”, 17-year old striker Muhammad Waheed – the youngest player in the tournament – scored a brace, including an equaliser, as the stands (which were packed to the rafters) rocked with the sound of people supporting the boys in green.

The team, made up of a host of young players from around the Leisure Leagues network, and coached by Kevin Reeves, a former England international, who was once one of the most expensive players in the world, have produced a dramatically improved showing from their 2018 adventure.

Despite losing the last game, to Hungary this afternoon, there is much to build on. Respected broadcaster, Nick Irvine, who commentated on the game today, spoke for many when he told the watching online audience: “this is a team that can get so much better if it sticks together.”

Follow the rest of the tournament here: https://soccafederation.com/competition/crete-2019/